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Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti

Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti

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I enjoyed this book. I have had a copy of this book for a long time but for one reason or another I never picked it up. I have been such a mood reader lately and when I saw this book while browsing the audiobooks on my library's website, this felt like the perfect time to get started with this series. I found this to be a very easy story to slip into and I found myself hooked right away. I am so glad that I finally decided to give this book a try.

The book opens with Josie arriving at the hospital, after being called about her husband, Shane. This is a husband that she hasn't seen for two years and a husband that has lost his memory and doesn't know what is going on. I couldn't wait to find out what caused Shane to leave her two years ago and what was really going on now that put him in the situation to lose his memory.

I liked Shane and Josie a lot and I really wanted to see them work things out and stay together this time around. Shane had lost his memories but the chemistry between the pair was still present from the very start. He also kept his instincts and seemed to surprise himself with some of the things that he knew and was able to do. Josie still had feelings for Shane but she was guarded and tried to remain practical. She wasn't helpless and didn't hesitate to stand up for herself.

The story was pretty exciting. There was a lot of action and quite a few scenes where the characters were in some danger. I did enjoy learning more about Shane and his brothers and watching them work together to get things done. Josie, Shane, Matt, and Nate all really stepped up when they needed to and I even enjoyed the role that the local detective played in the story. I thought that the story's romance and action were really well balanced.

Karen White did a fabulous job with the narration of this story. I believe that this was my first experience with this narrator but I will definitely be looking for more of her work in the future. I thought that she did a great job with all of the character voices and she added a lot of excitement and emotion into her reading. I believe that her narration added to my overall enjoyment of this story.

I would recommend this book to fans of romantic suspense. I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end and thought that the characters were very well done. I cannot wait to read more of this exciting series very soon.

Initial Thoughts
I enjoyed this one. I have had this book for a very long time and I am glad that I finally decided to give it a try. I liked the characters a lot and I thought that their history was very interesting. I am looking forward to continuing with the series.

Book source: Purchased a copy of the ebook and borrowed a copy of the audiobook from my local library.