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The Institute by Stephen King

The Institute - Stephen King

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This was spectacular! I hate to admit it but I avoided Stephen King's books until about 5 years ago or so. When I was a teenager almost 30 years ago, I read a short story written by King and didn't enjoy it. I didn't pick up another book with his name on it for another 25 years. It turns out this was a very big mistake. Huge. I could have been enjoying his books all these years and didn't give them a chance because for some reason I thought that my teenage mind was able to make a good decision. I have matured a lot as a reader and a human being and have enjoyed his books that I have picked up during the past several years but I have a lot of catching up to do.

I found myself like the characters in this book right away. We first meet Tim who becomes a night knocker in a small southern town. I liked Tim a lot but I really felt like Luke was the driving force of this story. Luke is a twelve-year-old boy who happens to be a well-adjusted genius. Luke's life falls apart when he is taken to the Institute. He is able to make friends and keep himself safe in this unkind environment. Luke never stops thinking and always seems to be two steps ahead of everyone else. I couldn't help but want to see good things happen for this awesome kid and his friends.

I loved the way this book came together. I felt like there were a lot of finely moving parts that worked perfectly to tell a larger story. Every piece of information may become important at a later time. The descriptions were so vivid that I almost felt like I was there with Luke through all of his experiences. I found this plot to be incredibly original. The story was really exciting at times with some pretty intense action. I found parts of the book to also be emotional. Luke goes through a whole lot in this book and I really felt for him at times.

I would highly recommend this book to others. I had a fantastic time with this book and hated to put it down. It really was a joy to read and I cannot wait to read more of King's work.

Initial Thoughts
This was spectacular. Almost 30 years ago, I read a short story by Stephen King and didn't care for it. I have no idea what story I even read but I decided that I didn't like King's writing and didn't pick up another book with his name on it for another 25 years or so. What a dumb decision my teenage self made because I have really enjoyed the books written by King that I have read during the past 5 years and I know I could have been reading him this whole time.

At least I was smart enough to pick up this book and I loved it. The characters were phenomenal and I loved the way the story came together. This was a big story with a lot of smaller moving parts and everything just worked. The plot was original, exciting, mind-boggling, and at times emotional. I will definitely be recommending this one.

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