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In Flames by Jessica Jayne

In Flames - Jessica  Jayne

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I thought that this was really good. I have enjoyed Jessica Jayne's work in the past so I was really excited to get started with this new book. This was a rather short listen that I was able to finish in just a couple of sessions. I ended up having a great time with this satisfying love story.

This romance has a rather unique set up. At the start of the story, we see Gracelynn lose her husband and Matt loses his brother. Gracelyn and Chad's marriage wasn't perfect but there were working on it and they did care about each other. Matt has spent his life in Chad's shadow. After his death, Matt has done everything that he can to help Gracelyn and the children cope with the loss. 

On the one year anniversary of Chad's death, things change for Gracelyn and Matt and they realize that their feelings for each other have evolved into something more intense. They know that nobody would accept a relationship between them so they do their best not to let anything serious happen but they can't hide what they feel for each other.

I thought that Gracelyn and Matt were great together. These two had a ton of chemistry and there were quite a few scenes that were full of heat. I like that they have a long history together and that things have evolved over time. Gracelyn knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't afraid to let anyone know. Matt was such a good guy who seemed to really be trying to do what was in everyone's best interest. 

I read a lot of romance and it seems to me that a lot of time the big obstacle that the couple needs to overcome really isn't all that big of a deal. This book was different because I really understood the obstacle that Gracelyn and Matt were facing. The steps that they took to keep everyone's feelings in mind while they navigated their new relationship seemed really authentic to me. 

I thought that Joe Arden and Samantha Cooke did a great job with this audiobook. I think it was a really good choice to use a dual narrator format for this story and I thought that both of the narrators brought a lot of emotion into the story. I had no problem listening to this book for hours at a time. 

I would recommend this romance to others. It was a quick read that felt very authentic and was full of emotions. I wouldn't hesitate to read more from Jessica Jayne in the future.

I received a review copy of this audiobook from the author via Caffeinated Services.

Initial Thoughts
This was good. I wish that we would have seen more of them falling for each other during the year between the death of Gracelyn's husband and the big event. I did see the obstacles that they faced and could understand that others might have a few issues with their being together. There were some pretty hot scenes and some more touching ones. I thought that the narrators did a great job with this story.