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Hollywood Heir by Ruth Cardello

Hollywood Heir  - Ruth Cardello

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I did like this romance quite a bit. I was really curious about how Eric's story would go after finishing the previous book in the series. He is a really interesting character and I was looking forward to learning more about him. I ended up having a great time with this audiobook.

Eric seems to have everything. He is wealthy and everyone seems to love him. He is a well-known actor that is best known for his portrayal of the superhero Water Bear Man. He is somewhat lost and is having a hard time figuring out how to move forward. Sage comes from a wealthy family but she takes care of herself. She works to help people through her chosen career as a plant psychologist. 

Eric is hiding in plain sight as an average guy named Wayne when he meets Sage. I liked these two together from the start and thought that they had a lot of chemistry together. Eric / Wayne does have a few moments where he makes some pretty bad decisions and doesn't always treat Sage in the manner she deserves. Some of that blame could be placed with Delinda who is busy making things difficult and interfering in things that really should be left alone. I was pleased to see the Westerly family back together before this book came to an end. It was great to check in with the characters from the earlier books and to see everyone start to come together. 

I would recommend this audiobook to others. I thought that Teri Clark Linden continued to do a great job with the series. She is able to cover both the male and female parts of the story without any problems. I think that she has a very pleasant voice and I was able to listen to the book for hours at a time. I wouldn't hesitate to listen to more from this narrator or pick up another book written by Ruth Cardello.

Initial Thoughts
Maybe 3.5 stars but I am feeling generous :) I did like this one better than the previous one in the series but I do prefer the first two books in this series. I did like Sage from the start and am pretty sure that I have never read a book with a character listing plant psychologist on her resume. Eric / Wayne did have a few moments were he acted like an idiot in the book. Delinda filled her role of overstepping boundaries once again. Besides Delinda, the rest of the family didn't play too big of a role until closer to the end of the story. I thought that the narrator did a great job with this one.

Book source: Kindle Unlimited