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All Systems Red by Martha Wells

All Systems Red - Martha Wells

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This was great! I had a good feeling about this book when I found myself chuckling on the very first page. This was a story that I didn't want to start once I got started which worked out perfectly since it is short enough to be read in a couple of hours. I am glad that I finally decided to spend a little bit of time getting to know Murderbot.

Muderbot is a SecUnit that is technically rogue since it decided to hack its own governor module. Obviously, Murderbot isn't letting anyone know that its governor module has been compromised because if the Company knew they would just get things working the way that they want once again. Murderbot has developed a fondness for human media since going rogue and loves to spend long hours viewing downloaded media.

The story was pretty exciting with some unexpected surprises along the way and plenty of action. I loved Murderbot's view of the world and the humor woven into the story. This is definitely a novella that science fiction fans will not want to miss.

I won a digital copy of this book from Books of My Heart. Thanks, Anne!

Initial Thoughts
This was great! This little story had everything that I hoped it would including great characters and an exciting story. There were a lot of surprises along the way and I look forward to Murderbot's future adventures.

Book source: Won @ Books of My Heart