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Fatal Frost by Karen MacInerney

Fatal Frost - Karen MacInerney

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This was a fun listen. I listened to the first book in this series a little over a year ago and I have been wanting to get back to it ever since. Since I am currently in the middle of a three month Kindle Unlimited membership, I grabbed this just as soon as I saw that it was available in the program. This is the second book in the Dewberry Farm Mysteries series but I think that it would work perfectly fine. It was really nice to spend a bit of time with Lucy and the other characters from Buttercup.

I didn't even realize that this was a Christmas story until I got started listening. My eyes are not great anymore so I did not notice the Christmas lights on the cover and I rarely read blurbs very closely so I was pretty clueless. If you are not a fan of Christmas stories, this really only had a touch of the holiday worked into the story. 

There were quite a few things going on in this book and it was great watching Lucy try to figure everything out. She happens to be around when a body is pulled from a fire and quickly notices that there might be something strange about the situation. Her best friend's teenage daughter has runaway to get married causing quite a bit of drama. Her best friend ends up in jail but Lucy knows she is innocent so she works to find the information that lead to the real criminal. To top everything off, someone is busy looking for treasure in town and is even digging around on Lucy's farm.

I liked the characters quite a bit. Lucy is great and has a lot of spunk. She really is happy in the little town of Buttercup and can handle difficult situations very well. Her boyfriend wasn't around a whole lot in this book and I did miss him a little but their relationship did have some progress which I was happy with. Lucy's friends played an important role and the goats she adopts at the beginning of the story added a few interesting moments.

I thought that the mystery was really well done. I liked how some things connected to other things going on in the book while others were really unrelated. I had a few suspicions but I couldn't get everything figured out until it was revealed in most cases which added to the fun. There were some pretty exciting moments where I wasn't really sure how things would work out. This was one of those books that I kept wanting to listen to just a bit more because I had to know what was going to happen next.

Teri Clark Linden does a great job with the narration. I really felt like I was right there with Lucy as she was making her way through the story. I think she handled all of the character voices very well and really brought the story to life. I wouldn't hesitate to listen to more of her work in the future.

I would recommend this book to others. I thought that this story had a great cast of characters and a compelling mystery. I really have enjoyed the audiobooks for the first two books and must admit that I was disappointed to find that no audiobook is currently available for the remainder of the series but I would still like to finish the series soon. 

Initial Thoughts
This was a fun listen. I couldn't quite figure out who was responsible for everything until the end of the story which made the mystery entertaining. There was a whole lot going on in the book and I liked how everything came together. I like the characters a lot and it was nice to get a chance to meet Lucy's parents. I thought that the occasional ghostly influence of her grandmother was nicely done as well. The narration worked well for the story.

Book source: Kindle Unlimited