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The Highlander's Folly by Barbara Longley

The Highlander's Folly (The Novels of Loch Moigh) - Barbara Longley

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I hate to say that I had a few issues with this book. I grabbed this one from NetGalley a few years ago because the premise sounded like something I would enjoy since I usually love time travel stories. For some reason, I didn't get around to reading it right away but decided to pull it out of my virtual stack a few weeks ago. There were some things that I did like about the book but the things that I disliked did hamper my overall enjoyment of the story. 

I enjoyed the time travel aspect of the story. I thought that the way Meghan is pulled back in time by Hunter was rather unique and added a fun twist to the story. The influence of the fae on events was also a nice twist that easily made everything impossible quite possible after all. The time travel in the story was easily accepted by all of the characters since it has happened before to people that they know and I kind of liked that it was a big secret or something to be disbelieved.

My big problem comes in with the characters, namely Hunter. By the end of the book I kind of wanted him to be sent to a place and time where we wouldn't ever have to see or hear from him again. I haven't disliked a lead character quite so much in a very long time. He was attracted to Meghan but he still planned pursue another woman that clearly didn't want him. He also didn't want any of the other men to have Meghan and wasn't doing a good job of keeping things hands off. I guess he was thinking that she should be stuck in his time period without love while he was free to pursue others. His stupidity seems to almost increase as the book progresses and by the end of the book he has given her all kinds of mixed messages and doesn't seem to even know what he wants.

Meghan wasn't quite as bad but I didn't like how she seemed to fall deeper and deeper for Hunter despite how he treated her. There were a couple of other men that were interested in Meghan and treated her very well but she only had eyes for Hunter. I did like that Meghan was tough and able to hold her own in a fight but I wish we could have seen her demand that Hunter treat her a whole lot better or move on to one of the other more appalling men angling for her attention. I have to admit that I spent a lot of the book rooting for the other guy who never had a chance so you know there was just something off about their romance.

I thought that Phil Gigante did an acceptable job with the narration. I thought that he was easy to listen to but I was not a fan of some of the voices that he used. I thought that all of his female voices sounded really off and it tended to pull me out of the story just a bit. 

I think that other readers may enjoy this one more than I did. It is the third book in a series but I thought it read perfectly fine as a stand alone. I do still want to read other books from the series and think I may have more luck with those as long as the characters are somewhat likeable. 

I received a digital review copy of this book from Montlake Romance via NetGalley and borrowed a copy of the audiobook from Kindle Unlimited.

Initial Thoughts
I wouldn't call myself a fan of this one but I was able to get through the whole book so there is that. I pretty much hated the Hero by the end of the book. I get that men in this time period did not look at women the same way as we do today but this guy got on my nerves. Hunter took Meghan from the present time back to 15th century Scotland. They were both attracted to each other and it seemed that some other key players were also hoping that Meghan would choose them. Most of the book was Hunter wanting Meghan while pursuing another woman and not wanting anyone else to come near Meghan. It was pretty predictable and rather irritating.