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Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason

Rises the Night - Colleen Gleason
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I had a great time reading this book and thought it was even better than the first book in the series. I have had the first three books from this series sitting in my review pile unread for a couple of years. I am so glad that I am finally reading the series because I am really enjoying it. I ended up reading most of the book in a single day simply because I didn't want to put it down. 

This is the second book in the Gardella Vampire Hunter series and the series really does need to be read in order. This book really assumes that the reader knows everything that happened in the first book and picks up shortly after that installment ends. Victoria has been through a lot and seems stronger now as a result. I really felt for her as she struggled to find herself again. I thought that the opening scene of the book really did a fantastic job of illustrating how dark her world has become.

I really liked seeing how much Victoria has grown in this book. Everything she has been through has really changed her and she seems to have a harder edge in this book. She doesn't worry as much about society and actually has a lot more freedom in that area. She is both physically and mentally strong which she proves many times in this story. It was really wonderful to get to know some of the other characters a bit better. Sebastian was great in this book. I was never quite sure if he should be trusted but I really wanted him to prove to be trustworthy. I was never quite sure if I liked his character in the first book but I loved him in this one. 

This book really had everything I hoped to find when I started reading. There is a whole lot of excitement and action spread throughout the book to really keep things moving forward. I love that the vampires in this book are definitely the enemy and are not romanticized. There was enough mystery in the story to really keep me guessing until the very end and a few shocking scenes that made me doubt everything I thought I knew. The chemistry between the characters was also really well done and a bit of a surprise.

I do recommend this series to others. It really was one of those books that are just really hard to put down. I can't wait to start the next book in the series so that I can find out what is in store for Victoria next!

I received a review copy of this book from Avid Press via Edelweiss.

Initial Thoughts
Honestly, this was great! I liked it even more than the first book. Victoria looks at life differently now and has a much harder edge. She has been through a lot and has come out stronger than she was before. I liked getting to see some of the characters just a bit differently. I was never quite sure if Sebastian should be trusted but I really wanted to trust him. There was lots of action, some pretty scary moments, and quite a bit of chemistry between characters to keep me turning the pages of this one.