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600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster

600 Hours of Edward - Craig Lancaster

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I liked this one. This book was a bit different from what I would normally pick up. I heard a few good things about it so I took a closer look once I noticed that it was available to borrow from Amazon through Prime Reading. I loved the idea of a main character who is living with Asperger's syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder, so I decided to give it a try and I am really glad that I did.

Edward was a great character. I liked him from the start and as the story progressed, I liked him more and more. Edward's life revolves around routines. With few exceptions, each day looks largely like the previous one. Things do shake up his life quite a bit by the end of the book and there is definitely some character growth for Edward during the course of the story. I thought that his character felt very authentic in the way that he dealt with other people and handled his emotions.

This book is repetitive because Edward's life is repetitive. There are certain events and phrases that happen over and over throughout the book. Each day of Edward's life would bring a new cycle of the book. I think that the decision to take the reader through each day with Edward helped to really show how much the events in the story changed his life. Edward's life at the end of the book looks very different than it does at the start and it was great to take the journey with him.

Luke Daniels does a fantastic job with the narration of this book. One of the reasons that I decided to listen to this book was because I have enjoyed his work in the past. I thought that he was able to bring Edward to life in way that really added to the story. He did a great job with all of the character voices and adding emotion to the reading. I listened to this book for hours at a time and finished it within a few days and thought that he was a perfect match for the story. 

I would recommend this book to others. I really enjoyed going along with Edward as he navigated the changes and his life and made new connections. I did notice that this book is listed as the first in a series but it tells a very complete story so I am not sure if I will read the other installments. I would not hesitate to read more from Craig Lancaster in the future.

Initial Thoughts
This isn't the kind of book that I pick up often. I noticed this one being offered in the Amazon Prime lending program. I love have enjoyed the narrator's work before so I decided to look closer at the book. When I saw that the main character of this story is living with Asperger's syndrome and OCD, I knew that I had to listen to this one. It was a really good story. It could be repetitive at times but that was just a reflection of Edward's life. 

Book Source: Borrowed from Amazon Prime Lending