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Mordacious (The City #1) by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Mordacious (The City Series Book 1) - Sarah Lyons Fleming

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I loved this book! I recently stumbled upon Sarah Lyons Fleming's Until the End of the World series and couldn't get enough of it. When I finished the final book in that series, I immediately decided to see what else this talented author had written. I was absolutely delighted to find that she has another series that is set in the same world. The book turned out to be as good as I had hoped it would be and I had pretty high hopes.

This book is told from two points of view. Sylvie has never really felt wanted and works hard to make sure that she never owes anyone anything. She is more of a loner but does have a really good friend in Grace. Sylvie and Grace are together at the hospital when everything starts. Eric is the brother of the main character of the other series set in this world. Eric is a very capable man. He seems to be able to get through a lot of tough situations and others seem to genuinely like him. He is outside of the city when the outbreak begins and his journey has been rather eventful.

Sylvie and Eric eventually become part of a small group working together to survive. The New York City setting was a really interesting place to watch them do this. Everyone left in the city is basically on their own. They have to find safe food and water all while avoiding the ever increasing population of zombies. I liked the group of people that Sylvie and Eric are with. Maria was often mentioned in the companion series that featured her two daughters so it was nice to see how well she handles things. There was only one character in the group that made me want to lock him outside with the zombies but he does come around by the end of the book.

The narration of this book was absolutely fantastic! Luke Daniels and Therese Plummer were the narrators and I do believe that this was my first experience with both of them. They both did such a good job with this book. Luke Daniels narrated all of the chapters from Eric's point of view with Therese Plummer handled Sylvie's point of view. One thing that I loved was that both narrators were always around during any conversations. So any male dialogue in the book was read by Luke Daniels and female dialogue was read by Therese Plummer. This really made all of the conversations in the book flow really well and character voices felt very natural. I definitely plan to look for both of these narrators again in the future.

I do recommend this series to others. This was the first book in The City series which is set in the same world as the Until the End of the World series. This new series does stand on its own and you can really start with either series but I enjoyed seeing the same events occur from completely different perspectives. I can't wait to start reading the next book in this series!

Initial Thoughts
After finishing the Until the End of the World series and loving it, I decided to see what else Sarah Lyons Fleming has written. Imagine my delight when I say that there is another series set in the same world. This book follows different characters, some of which were talked about in the other series. Most of this book takes place in New York City which is not where I would want to be at the start of the zombie apocalypse. The characters were great and there was quite a bit of action to keep things moving. The narrators did a great job. Luke Daniels handles all of the scenes told from Eric's point of view while Therese Plummer reads the scenes from Sylvie's point of view. I really liked that any dialog during the book was shared between the two narrators. 

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