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I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

I Am Legend - Richard Matheson

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This was good! I really didn't have this book on my radar until recently. Sure, I saw the movie with Will Smith but I honestly wasn't all that impressed with it. I knew that the movie was based on a book but didn't really feel the need to pick it up. When Audible had their 20th anniversary celebration a few months ago, they offered this book free to members so I snatched up a copy. I was in the mood for a shorter listen recently and decided to go with this book and I really ended up enjoying it.

So when I started this book, I thought it was a zombie book. I don't even know what I am doing some days. This is not a zombie book. I guess I really didn't pay all that much attention to that Will Smith movie after all because this is a vampire book. In my defense these vampires are almost zombie-like in a whole lot of ways.

Robert Neville is alone. He is the last person around in a world full of vampires. He spends his days gathering supplies and staking the vampires that he finds. He spends his nights locked in his house trying to ignore the vampires that gather outside his home. He does this every day and is utterly alone. He does some research to try to figure out the cause of the outbreak and to learn as much as he can. 

This was the first time that I have listened to Robertson Dean's narration and I really did enjoy it. I thought that his voice was perfect for Neville and he brought the right amount of emotion into the story. I thought that he had a very pleasant voice that was easy to listen to for hours at a time. I would not hesitate to choose another book narrated by Robertson Dean.

I would recommend this book to others. It is a great story about a man trying to navigate the world alone. I am quite sure that this audiobook will have a much more lasting impact on me than the movie did. I do hope to read more of Richard Matheson's work in the future.

Initial Thoughts
Why did I think that this was a zombie story? Obviously, I am clueless plus I never read blurbs before starting a book. Anyway, I liked this vampire story. I have seen the movie but it was a long time ago and I wasn't all that impressed. I do think that the book was very different and a whole lot better. The narrator does a great job with the story.

Book source: Audible