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Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid

Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid

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This was such a fun romance! I have heard so many wonderful things about Penny Reid and have had this book in my Audible account for a couple of years so I thought it was time to finally give it a try. I can understand why so many readers have raved about this author's work. I was hooked on the book from the start and enjoyed it until the very end. 

Janie starts this story out having a very bad day. She loses her boyfriend, her apartment, and her job in a single day. She is escorted out by the hot new man working with security, Quinn. She moves in with best friend while she tries to get her life in order. She actually handles all of this a whole lot better than I would have imagined. 

Janie is a great character. She is really smart and tends to over share. Conversations with Janie often go in strange directions but are always a lot of fun. She doesn't take the easy option if it doesn't feel right. Quinn was amazing. He was such a good match for Janie and really seemed to watch out and care for her from the very start. I thought these two had some great chemistry with each other and had a lot of fun being there while they fell in love.

I thought Jennifer Grace did a fantastic job with the narration of the audiobook. I haven't listened to her work before but will be looking for her again in the future. She was able to present the book in such a way that the funny parts seemed a bit funnier and the romantic parts left me swooning. I liked how she was able to voice a variety of characters with ease and I never tired of listening to this book.

I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. This book had a little bit of everything. Some parts were funny, some were loaded with action, some parts made me think, while others touched my heart. I definitely plan to read to continue with this series in the future.

Initial Thoughts
This was fun! Janie was adorable and Quinn was great. I thought that they made a great couple and enjoyed watching them get to know each other. There were a few really predictable moments but a few moments that made me chuckle. It really was a great time.

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