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Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

This was another really strong installment in a series that is quickly becoming a favorite for me.  This book picks up right after the events of the previous book so this is a series that really does need to be read in order.  I did really enjoy this book but I found it easier to set aside than the previous two books in the series.  I do think that this is really my issue.  I am not really someone that reads books in a series back to back.  I have done it on occasion but in most cases I become overwhelmed with the world.  I think that with a series like this one that is full of details, I really do need to take a short break between the books in this series at least during my first read through.

There are a lot of things going on in this book.  The other blood prophets like Meg that have been rescued for the facility are having a hard time adjusting to life in the outside world.  The individuals caring for these girls really do want to help but they don't know what they should do.  Meg, along with members of her human pack as Simon calls them, works to come up with a list of tips and rules to make the adjustment easier.

Tension is building between the Others and their human neighbors.  The Humans First and Last or HFL movement is really showing up everywhere.  Many human businesses do not want to deal with the Others any more and opinions are starting to seem hostile.  Humans are no longer welcome in the shops in the courtyard with the exception of certain known people.  Things are definitely becoming very tense.

I do love the characters in this series.  Probably a bit more with every book.  Simon is just amazing.  He is my favorite character in this story by a lot.  Meg is great although she did have a few meltdowns in this book that didn't really seem like her.  Henry, Vlad, Tess, Skippy, Nathan, and Sam are all starting to feel like friends you want to have around.

I did think that the pace of this book was a bit slower at times.  There were plenty of incredibly exciting moments to keep things interesting.  I really did enjoy seeing a bit from the point of view of one of the girls as she starts to learn to adjust to life outside of a facility.  I hope that we get to see more from her in future installments.  Simon and Meg are still dancing around each other and I don't even know if I want to see them become more than friends or not.  They don't seem to know so I guess it is okay that I don't.

I would highly recommend this series to others.  This series has so much going for it with fantastic characters and excellent world building.  I can't wait to see what happens next!