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Undead in My Bed

Undead in My Bed - Abby Craden, Katie MacAlister, Sophie Eastlake, Jessica Sims, Molly Harper, Leah Mallach This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

4 Stars!

I really enjoyed this audible short story. I thought it was quite funny and had a lot of fun with it. I received this short story as a free audible download quite some time ago and just never got around to listening to it. I am trying really hard to get back into the habit of working out and I really like listening to audiobooks at the gym. I really chose this book simply because it looked like something that would keep me entertained and it was relatively short in duration at just a little over 4 hours long.

To be honest, this audiobook and I had a rather rough start. When I first started playing it, I could not stand listening to the narrator because she talked so slowly. I came very close to turning it off and just playing some music but then I remembered that it is possible to adjust the speed of the narration in the audible app so I bumped the setting up to 1.25 times the regular speed and suddenly the narrator sounded like a normal person. Seriously, who talks that slowly?!?!

The audiobook was the perfect story to listen to during my workout. I was actually trying to make excuses to skip the gym but I ended up going just because I wanted to finish this story. That is huge. This story was very funny at times. Tess is forced into taking a break from her restaurant's kitchen after having a nervous breakdown that including talking to vegetable. She rents a house for a month near her mentor to regroup, only she finds that the house was not actually vacant. Sam is a vampire and he lives in the basement. The pair try to push each other out of the house by pulling pranks on each other. At times, their interactions were laugh out loud funny.

Eventually, they are able to call a truce and work together at creating a recipe to enter in the town's bloody bake-off, a competition to jazz up a vampire blood product - Faux Type O. Tess meets a lot of people in the town and I found some of the townspeople to be so much fun. The romance in the story really took a back seat to the humor but that was just fine with me.

I would recommend this story to others. It is listed as being part of a series but I have never read anything by Molly Harper before this and had no trouble following the story so I think it reads perfectly well as a stand alone. I will definitely be looking for more from Molly Harper in the near future.