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Peripeteia by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Peripeteia - Sarah Lyons Fleming

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I really enjoyed this book! I am so happy that I stumbled upon this author because I am having such a good time with her books. This is the second book in The City series which really does need to be read in order. This book had me hooked from the very beginning. It is not a short audiobook but I still listened to it in just a few days because I never wanted to put it down. I went into this book with high expectations and am happy to report that those expectations were all met or exceeded.

I got to know Eric, Sylvie, and the rest of the group in the preceding book and I was really excited to get the chance to spend some more time with them in this book. Watching the bonds grow and strengthen between these characters is really what I enjoy the most about these books. Like the previous book, this installment is told from both Eric's and Sylvie's points of view so we really get to know those two characters really well. I think I liked both Eric and Sylvie more and more as the book progressed.

The story continues with the high excitement level that was set in the first book. The group is in New York City trying to survive with zombies everywhere. And the zombies may not be their biggest problem. There are daily problems that need to be address such as finding food and water and other things needed for survival that the group must address. There are also safety issues involving the zombies and other survivors that take up a lot of energy. Resources in the city are limited and they aren't the only group trying to survive.

This book does have some pretty major developments. Just when things are looking good and everyone starts getting comfortable, things happen. Situations change and the group has to adjust. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous for the characters in this book because there are a lot of intense situations. 

I loved the narration. Luke Daniels and Therese Plummer do such a good job with this series. I was a bit surprised that the narration was a bit different than what was used in the first book. In this book, Luke Daniels performs the chapters from Eric's point of view including the female voices while Therese Plummer performs the chapters from Sylvie's point of view including the male voices. In the first book, the male narrator handled all of the male voices throughout the book and vise versa which I really liked and was looking forward to in this book. I quickly adjusted and enjoyed the book but wish that this book would have been done the same as the first book. That being said, I had no issues with any of the voices that either narrator used and thought that they both brought a lot of emotion to the story.

I do recommend this book to others. This series has a little bit of everything. There is romance, some humor, action, and zombies working together to tell a rather unique story. I can't wait to read more of Sarah Lyons Fleming's work very soon and plan to listen to the next audiobook in this series just as soon as it is available. 

Initial Thoughts
I am having such a good time with this series. The characters are amazing and the set of obstacles that they must face to survive are truly frightening. There is romance, some humor, friendship, action, and zombies all working together to tell a unique story. The narration was very well done but there were a few points that the audio quality wasn't perfect. I am ready for the next book!

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