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Storm Raiders: Age Of Magic by P.T. Hylton & Michael Anderle

Storm Raiders: Age Of Magic - A Kurtherian Gambit Series (Storms Of Magic Book 1) - PT Hylton, Michael Anderle

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This audiobook was a rather entertaining listen. This was my first experience with the writing pair of P.T. Hylton and Michael Anderle and I was pretty impressed with it overall. I decided to listen to this book because the premise appealed to me and I have really enjoyed Gabra Zackman's narration in the past. I was hooked really early in the story and listened to the book in just a few short days. I had a lot of fun with this entertaining story.

The book is focused on two main characters. Abbey is the daughter of the local blacksmith. She is tough, smart, and has a little bit of magic. Abbey and her father are very close and many in their city consider them to be outsiders since they come from another area. Dustin has been training to be a storm caller for years and is facing the final test as the book opens. Things don't go exactly as Dustin hopes in his test but he plans to make the most of the situation.

I really enjoyed the world that was created in this book. The magic is really interesting and I liked how Abbey questions it. The book had a bit of a pirate feel with the ships and some of their actions. Each of the ships has their own storm caller that can shape the weather in their own favor. The ships were very important to the towns and ruled by the captain and storm caller in most cases. 

The book was exciting from the beginning. There are a few battles and fights spreads through the book that provided plenty of action. The mystery centered around Abbey's father was very interesting and I really enjoyed learning more about his past. I loved watching Abbey and Dustin both deal with the reality of what they learn about their world. 

I enjoyed Gabra Zackman's narration of this book. She handled a fairly large cast of characters very well by using a variety of voices. She was able to put a lot of emotion into her voice and made the exciting scenes seem a bit more thrilling. The dialogue in the book flowed very well and I thought she was able to really bring the story to life.

I would recommend this book to others. I had a lot of fun listening to this action packed story filled with wonderful characters. I would love to learn what happens next for this group.

I received an review copy of this book from LMBPN Publishing via Audiobook Access.