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Dirty by Kylie Scott

Dirty (Dive Bar) - Kylie Scott

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I really enjoyed this audiobook. I bought this audio when it was on sale several months ago planning to read it when I was in the mood for a contemporary romance. I started listening to it when I was ready for a fun romance and it really worked out well for me. This is the first book by Kylie Scott that I have read so I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to a great experience. I had so much fun with this book that I found myself finding chores to do around the house so that I would have an excuse to listen to the book just a little bit longer.

The set up in the book was wonderfully done. My heart broke for Lydia at the same time that I was wanting to laugh at the situation she ended up in. Lydia decides to run away from her own wedding when she realizes her fiance is having an affair with the best man. She jumps the fence and climbs into an open window at the house next door.

Vaughan finds her later that day hanging out in his shower and turns out to be a very accommodating host. They start to bond just a bit before more drama shows up at his doorstep. Vaughan and Lydia had great chemistry from the very beginning of this story but their relationship never felt rushed. I really liked the pair together as a couple and it was nice to see how much they really complimented each other. Lydia just seemed to fit perfectly into Vaughan's life.

Andi Arndt is one of my favorite narrators. One of the reasons that I decided to buy this audiobook was the fact that she is the narrator. She did a great job with this book and I had no problems listening to the book for hours at a time. She performed all of the character voices very well and portrayed a wide range of emotions during the story. I hope to listen to more books narrated by Andi Arndt soon.

I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. This story had a great balance of humor and romance and ended up being a whole lot of fun. I hope to read more of this series from Kylie Scott soon.

Initial Thoughts
I enjoyed this one. It was a fun and sexy story. I loved the set up at the beginning and grew to love the couple over the course of the story. The narration was wonderfully done.

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