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The Veil

The Veil - Chloe Neill This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

3.5 Stars!

This was a good start to a new series. I have only read one other book by Chloe Neill so I thought that this would be a great chance to jump into a new series just as it is beginning. The book was good but it lacked the something extra that makes a book great. Every time I start reading a book, I always hope that it will be one of those books that I can't get out of my mind and have a difficult time putting it down. This wasn't that kind of book. I liked this book but I didn't fall in love with it.

I liked the overall premise of this story. I found the world to unique and interesting. I think that this book may have fallen victim to the first book syndrome that often occurs with the start of a new Urban Fiction or Paranormal series. I did actually find that the second half of the book moved a lot faster for me after a lot of the background information for the world had been covered.

I like the fact that the main characters, Claire and Liam, are for the most part "normal." Okay, Claire is not completely normal but she was such a likable character. I really liked all of the characters in this story. Liam knows how to handle himself and I liked how he shared everything with Claire. Moses was great - I really hope that we get to see more of him in future installments in the series. Liam's family and Claire's friends all seemed to add to the story.

This book did a great job of laying the foundation for a really exciting series. The cast of characters are colorful and very likable. The story is set in New Orleans which is such a vibrant and exciting city which adds an interesting element. The world is a little different than other books that I have read but it includes so many elements that I found familiar. This book didn't really have a lot of romance but I really liked the sexual tension between Liam and Claire and hope to see that explored as the series progresses.

I would recommend this book to fans of Urban Fiction and paranormal stories. I really like Chloe Neill's style of writing and think that this is a solid start to a new series. I am really looking forward to continuing with this series.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Publishing Group via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.