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Bound to Darkness

Bound to Darkness - Lara Adrian This review has also been posted at Carole's Random Life.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the second half of the story but the first half just didn't do a lot for me. I realize that a big part of my problem could be that I haven't read every single book in this series. I have read the first two books in the series and the last book published, Crave the Night. I was never confused while I was reading this book but seeing all the characters from other books just didn't excite me. I do think that this is a series best read in order and this book would not work well as a stand alone novel. I was able to follow the story pretty well because I wasn't completely blind since I have read some of the early books in the series. I would suggest that readers new to the series start with the first book, Kiss of Midnight.

The first half of the book went back and forth between two different plot lines. The continuing story arc from the previous book about the Atlanteans and other enemies was one part of the book. The other main focus was on the romance between Carys and Rune. I have to say that the romance between the pair started in the beginning of the book seemed like it was just a whole lot of sex. I like the sexy parts but wanted to see some connection as well. There wasn't a lot of talking between the pair. I wasn't really seeing a lot of connection between the two parts of the story.

When everything started to come together, the book really started to pick up for me. Rune's true identity and heritage made things much more interesting. When the pair started interacting out of bed just as much as in it, I started to actually see that they cared for each other. I liked the kick ass Rune that was willing to make sacrifices for the woman that he loves. Carys was more than awesome. I loved that she isn't a weak character waiting to be saved. She has abilities beyond that of the men in this story and she puts them to good use. Hands down, Carys was the most fierce of all of the fighters in this book.

I would recommend this book to fans of the series. I do wish that the excitement of the second half of the book would have been present for the first half as well. I actually considered giving up on this book at about the 50% mark because I just couldn't get into it. Then boom...I couldn't put it down. I am so glad that I stuck with it in the end. I do plan to continue to read this series and hopefully read the earlier books that I skipped very soon.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Lara Adrian, LLC via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

Initial Thougths
I liked the second half of this book a whole lot more than the first half. It seemed to take forever for any real action to happen and everything to come together. I actually thought about not finishing this book at the halfway point but really ended up enjoying the end.