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For Seven Nights Only

For Seven Nights Only - Sarah Ballance This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

This book was a whole lot of fun! Most of the romances that I have been picking up lately have been okay but none of them really felt like fun. I wanted fun and that is what I got with this little story. This book was sexy, sweet, and funny enough to keep me glued to the pages. It wasn't terribly original but who needs original when you are having so much fun!

This book is the second book in the Chase Brothers series but reads perfectly well as a stand alone. I haven't read anything by Sarah Ballance before reading this book and I didn't feel like I was missing any part of the story. I liked that this book was more of a romantic comedy than I usually encounter. Parts of this book were quite funny and others made me grin.

The main characters in this book were really easy to like. Kelsie is having some terrible luck with men lately not to mention her plumbing. When her neighbor comes to her rescue, she doesn't spend a moment thinking about him romantically since she knows that he is way out of her league. They strike a deal that Chase will help her by showing her a few pointers over the course of seven dates.

Chase has no plans to settle down. His apartment has a revolving door and he likes things the way they are. He is thrown off balance by his neighbor in just about every way. She is nothing like the women he usually goes out with but there is a connection nonetheless. As each lesson is taught and every date completed, the pair learn a little more about themselves and each other.

I liked Kelsie and Chase as a couple. The banter between the pair was really well done and added a whole lot to the story. They had a playfulness between them that was really refreshing to see. I liked the way that their feeling for each other slowly developed over the story. There was a lot of chemistry between the pair from the very beginning of the book and I thought that the sexy bits of the book were well done.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. This is the first book by Sarah Ballance that I have had a chance to read but I think I may need to read about some of Chase's brothers that I met in this book. I just hope that their story is as well done as this one.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Entangled Publishing - Lovestruck via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

Initial Thoughts
This book was a whole lot of fun. It was sexy, sweet and funny enough to really keep my eyes glued to the page. It wasn't terribly original but it was so much fun I didn't care.