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All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things - Bryn Greenwood This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

I am so disappointed! I was so excited to read this book and I didn't love it nearly as much I thought I would. I have seen so many rave reviews for this book and I just knew that I would absolutely love it too. I actually pulled it out on New Year's Eve because this was the book that I wanted to start the new year reading because I was sure it would be a 5 star book. There were some things that I did like about the book but it ended up being just an okay read for me.

This is a happy little inappropriate meth lab romance. The meth lab isn't the controversial part of the story. I said it is inappropriate because of the fact that the romance is between a child and an adult. I knew that going in but I just couldn't get over this issue while I was reading. This book made me uncomfortable as I am sure it made many other readers. I just couldn't get past this issue. This book made me sad more than anything.

I felt bad for Wavy. The things that she must have went through before this book starts just breaks my heart. She has so many issues at the beginning of the book and she will still be dealing with these issues for years to come. She doesn't want to be touched, she doesn't talk, and she will not eat in front of anyone. I really wish her grandmother would have been able to care for her for a longer time.

The people who should be taking care of Wavy simply don't do their jobs for the most part. Her mother lays in bed most days and her father is off dealing with his drug business. She takes care of her brother and herself. When Kellen crashes his motorcycle in front of Wavy's house, an unlikely friendship is formed. Kellen really did do a lot to take care of Wavy and her brother. I liked him a lot of first but when it crossed the line into a romantic relationship it just didn't work for me.

I was really excited to read this book because I knew it was different. I like different. I am open to reading about things that are not the social norm. I think my main hang up with this story is that Wavy was a child during most of it. This was a book that I found rather easy to set aside. Some sections seemed to hold my attention more than others but in the end it is a pretty forgettable story for me.

Initial Thoughts
I am a little disappointed that I didn't like this one more than I did. I liked it but I didn't love it. I am pretty sure that I went into this one with completely unrealistic expectations.